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Updating your fireplace

Blackened soot, ashes and dust particles can accumulate on the exterior and interior spaces of a fireplace, making the bricks look old and dirty.Use a medium 120-grit sandpaper to lightly sand any loose pieces of mortar or crumbling brick on your fireplace.

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Position a mantel shelf a few feet above your fireplace's firebox and affix it to the brick with concrete screws.The new paint needs a roughed-up surface to stick to and if the old surface is shiny the new paint will not adhere properly.400 grit sandpaper should be used to etch the surface without carving it.You can also reface your red brick fireplace with faux rock panels that mimic natural stone.They are easy to install over existing bricks to give your fireplace the look of natural stone without the hefty price tag that comes with real stone.She holds a Bachelor of Science in secondary education with a comprehensive major in office administration.

Most brass surrounds have pieces that are removable.

Unfortunately, some surrounds also have a strip of brass that separates the tile surround from the fireplace insert and this is not removable, however once the other pieces are painted it’s barely noticeable.

Source – Dear Molly Anne Step 1 Sand with fine grit sandpaper.

A mantel surround encases the fireplace along the sides and top to inject color and visual appeal.

A creamy white mantel can provide a stark contrast and modern update against red brick.

A black mantel adds a touch of sophistication to a brick fireplace.