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Updating samba

updating samba-41

The term refers to a minor version number installation in place of one of the same generation.For example, updating from Samba 3.0.10 to 3.0.14 is an update. While the use of these terms is an exercise in semantics, what needs to be realized is that there are major functional differences between a Samba 2.x release and a Samba 3.0.x release.

updating samba-87updating samba-63

WARNING Samba makes it possible to upgrade and update configuration files, but it is not possible to downgrade the configuration files.Clearly, there is not a great deal of clarity in the terminology that various people apply to these modes by which Samba servers are updated.This is further highlighted by an email posting that included the following neat remark: So in response to the significant request for these situations to be better documented, this chapter has now been added.Instead they make exclusive use of the username that is embedded in the Session Set Up And X component of the connection setup process between a Windows client and an SMB/CIFS server.Around November 1997 support was added to Samba-1.9 to handle the Windows security RPC-based protocols that implemented support for Samba to store a machine SID.Before the days of Windows NT and OS/2, every Windows and DOS networking client that used the SMB protocols was an entirely autonomous entity.

There was no concept of a security identifier for a machine or a user outside of the username, the machine name, and the workgroup name.

User contributions and documentation of real-world experiences are a most welcome addition to this chapter.

A Windows network administrator explained in an email what changes he was planning to make and followed with the question: "Anyone done this before?

Others talk about migrating Samba servers when in fact the issue at hand is one of installing a new Samba server to replace an older existing Samba server.

There has also been much talk about migration of Samba-3 from an smbpasswd passdb backend to the use of the tdbsam or ldapsam facilities that are new to Samba-3.

So it is to be hoped that the notes in this chapter will make a positive difference by assuring that someone will be saved a lot of discomfort.