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Star jones reportedly dating miami heat star dwyane wade

According to a person affiliated with the Miami Heat organization, Star Jones has been picking up Dwayne [sic] after most of their recent home games.The insider told Media Take, “[Dwayne’s] teammates are even joking around with him about it.

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It's been one whole day since news broke that Star Jones filed for divorce from Al -- and already Star is being linked to Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade. Wade could join one of the teams in that select group by heading to Cleveland.He and James won a pair of titles together in Miami, and the veteran slasher would give the Cavaliers another offensive weapon for a possible third straight NBA Finals meeting with Golden State.He was named the 2006 NBA Finals MVP as he helped lead the Heat to a 4--2 series win over the Dallas Mavericks.At the 2008 Summer Olympics, Wade led the United States Men's Basketball team, commonly known as the "Redeem Team", in scoring, as they captured gold medal honors in Beijing, China.The 34-year-old guard is due back in the United States on Tuesday after a trip to Spain and will carefully weigh his options, according to Skolnick.

The report noted he's yet to choose whether to seek familiarity with the Heat, friendship with the Cavs or simply the best contract available.

" Smith persisted, referring to a much-discussed photo of Wade, 26, and Jones, the 46-year-old TV personality who recently filed for divorce, at a tennis match. " Barkley interjected."Naw, Chuck," Wade said with a smile. Barkley broke through the commotion to say, "I like Star. " Smith asked, not so innocently, a perfect lob to Barkley.

Sir Charles promptly slammed the ball home: "Preying on a young Dwyane Wade."Representatives for Jones did not immediately return a call for comment Thursday night.

They say he has to watch his back – cause Al’s gonna get him.” True or not, our thoughts are with you, Flash.

Either you’re the victim of one of the cruelest rumors of the modern era, or you’re actually involved with the former face of a show so bad that I was forced to read a book.

Whether the Cavs front office could make it work is the question.