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Some examples of organizations on the West Side that have great fundraising galas and events are The People Concern (homelessness), Harvest Home (pregnant homeless women), and Claris Health (pregnancy counceling).

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You might go once or even twice and think a group is lame, but stick with it! This might seem like somewhat of a non-suggestion compared to the other items on this list, but really one of the best ways to meet people is through your existing friends. I know it’s difficult and awkward to go to a party when you only know one person, but these are actually golden opportunities to meet new people.If you are willing to devote the time required (which is considerable, I admit) to learn the dance, you’ll meet a ton of people, I guarantee it.Salsa and Swing dance events have tons of single people of all ages!Check online for networking events in your profession, alumni events, or singles events.Here are a few more suggestions: DISCLOSURE: This is a professional review site that receives compensation from the retailer or manufacturer when you purchase through the affiliate links such as the ones below.You know that birthday party that someone invited you to, but you don’t know anyone else there? Same with that wedding, where you only know the bride or groom and no one else. You know those annoying Facebook events that people keep inviting you to and that you keep deleting? But when you go, make it your first priority to have fun, not necessarily to meet someone.

A person having fun is attractive, and worst case, you’ll have a good time and some good practice for the next event!

I’m sure there are also wonderful people at synagogues, mosques, and places where people of other religious beliefs meet.

Partner dancing is one of the best ways I’ve found to meet single people.

It would be hard to find a better group of successful professional (and often attractive) people than at fundraising galas and events.

Galas are usually held in hotel ballrooms or cool locations like museums, and everyone is dressed to the nines looking amazing.

A.) The most famous place that I know of is Cowboy Country Saloon in Long Beach.