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So in conclusion you lose at this and everything in life.- Steve Mitchell, Where the viaduct looms like a bird of doom Anthony wrote this song about his drug use prior to 1991.However, he started to use drugs again and became an addict.

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"Under the Bridge" made it all the way to #2 on the pop singles chart."Read 'Scar Tissue'. For whoever said Anthony never took drugs, think again.)in their singing with kiedis, (kiedis's part in brackets)this is a beautiful song, it makes me feel so at home in my city, and i didn't know it was about heroin at first.was (is still just) a song about Los Angeles and its interesting kind of beauty,and I can relate to how he feels at home in the city and all that.. I always think of it when I hear a "Peps" song.1981 under the bridge in L. homeless living with my family in a rented pontiac.Thank you for the song that helped me deal with the fear and repressed memories.This is when John and Flea were becoming great friends because they were both using drugs and they were becoming more distant from Anthony. It's ironic that a gentle ballad became the breakthrough hit for a band best known for blending classic uptempo funk with alternative rock.The song emerged out of lead vocalist Anthony Kiedis' struggles to overcome heroin addiction.Singing the song was always difficult to Anthony because it was emotional.

When he recorded it his friend Brenden talked to him in his headphones to keep him going with the song.

Also yes, it was a poem originally, but he also didnt really like the song much to begin with, but he grew to like it and he also couldn't even sing it sometimes because it was too hard for his vocal abilities. i can't remember how old i was [very young] and i heard it playing on the radio in my brothers a many people have said, you realy should read scar tissue [his biography] it's an amazing insight into his past adn how his mind works and you will almost feel you know him after reading it. Even though it about drugs it still is a very good chili pepper song.

Under the bridge is a song which i feel like i was talking woth anthony when he wrote it or i wrote it by my self....every single lyric is dedicated to me and how i feel ....

He also was having memory flashes about his ex girlfriend Ione who had loved him with all of her heart.

He felt like he had the strongest bond with the city.

He's been in and out of rehab several times over the past decade.