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Marrying after 6 months dating

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A woman who has been in several bad relationships over her lifetime will commit to the first man who’s the least bit nice to her without taking the time to see if they are truly compatible.While the “nice” factor is a good reason to date a man, it’s not enough of a reason to marry him. Many men are nice during the first few months of dating; women and men are both usually nice during those first few months until we become comfortable with the relationship and grow more aware of each other’s boundaries and limits because we are trying to put forth our best impression.

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  A good relationship is based on dependability, compassion, respect and compromise.I’ve seen some women put more time and consideration into a car purchase than they do the man they will have to sleep next to every night.Who made up this golden rule that if you aren’t married by the age of 30 you become an honorary member of the Old Cat Lady Club?The same lawyers also agreed that many of their divorce cases include couples who marry too young and that most marriages that survive the test of time are between couples who married after the age of 30.I can speak for myself and admit that I didn’t know what real love and commitment was until my twenties.That’s not to say that these life changing events in the lives of celebs aren’t genuine, but the publicity surely isn’t hurting their pockets either.

Enjoy the luxury you have of little pressure because honestly most of that is pressure you’re placing on yourself. Take your time to fully understand the importance of the commitment you’re entering.

Do the same rules that apply to celebrity relationships apply to us regular folks as well?

Not necessarily, because one thing we don’t have in common with Keyshia, Khloe or Monica is that our livelihoods don’t depend on how many gossip blogs report the breaking news of our engagements, marriages or pregnancies.

No one is promised tomorrow, and no matter if you’re 30 or 93, slow and right is always better than fast and wrong.

Something else that often happens with many women (and some men too) is the “Captain Save Em’ Syndrome”.

You should determine if your relationship is worth it or not by your partner's ability to demonstrate these important qualities.