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We were as immediately attracted to the strong sense of community in town as we were equally enthusiastic about the areas celebration of its ample bounty.

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But when I came out to visit and saw the community here I was excited.“Take the best of what’s available locally and provide it with minimal processing – nothing hidden.” Yeah-yeah, another “local” restaurant, you say?What may make Nude Fude different is its aim to bring local food to the masses.That always felt wrong to me, so this concept is around trying to bring the same quality ingredients you would get in high-end restaurants at a much more reasonable price. Everybody works now, it’s hard out there, so we want to offer people the option of feeding their families or themselves without having to make an entire evening of it.What are your personal favorite items on the opening menu?This isn't the first time Trump was the subject of something like this.

Last month, a street artist known as Plastic Jesus built a tiny wall around Trump's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

While living in Arlington we started to put together a game plan for life after NOVA – Dani was a conservation biologist at The Nature Conservancy’s world headquarters and I was an Air Force pilot incarcerated at the Pentagon and we decided Cville would be a great place to raise our 3 young children.

We loved the very strong interest in sustainable and wholesome food as we are deeply interested in the slow food movement and in improving the connection between what we eat, our bodies, our environment, and our community.

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The hilarious boy in the middle thinks that I am nude and and then thinks that a walking crutch is a nude celebrity.

A new restaurant will soon open in the former location of Cobb’s Pizza, with an unusual name: Nude Fude. ” said Ken Notari, who owns the restaurant with his wife Dani.