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I was married for 21 years and been divorced for 2 years.I work hard all my life and achieved, in my opinion, a lot.

I have huge dreams and plans to match my big heart and can't wait to find the right partner in crime to share a little bit of this adventure with... I want to have some one in my life to share it with me, traveling, attending functions, and sporting events.To know more about me, please check my username is Doctor Kim.On the surface I am a Family physician in training with a very unique story.I love meeting new interesting, smart and fun people.I am an ICU nurse New to dating again and looking for a companion who enjoys fine dining, coffee/conversation and walks on the beach....I'm conversational in four languages and I recently had to add extra pages to my passport. My friends would tell you that my best quality is that I stay calm and relaxed.

Even when chaos breaks out, as it did often when I used to work as an ER doctor, I keep a clear head...

Originally from Iran, been living in state for past 15 years and love it here.

I have two daughter, one is 22 years (both in college).

To those that know me well I am a passionate dreamer that loves to laugh and live life to the fullest.

I am educated, well-traveled, bilingual, somewhat of an intellectual nerd, but still lots of fun!!

I also enjoy discovering new places, forever learning new things.