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No Limits spends the hour highlighting the national and local work of the Side Effects medical reporting team, as communities try to figure out what isn't working, what is working and the impediments in the path to recovery. Hear what's new about this incredibly popular food festival, what it tells us about food production and availability, and where the event is being held this year.

He takes call-in questions ‒ (866) 476-3881 ‒ as well as comments from listeners on Twitter, Facebook and e-mail.Social media makes targeting vulnerable children easier, but some children in Indiana are being trafficked by their own families to support parents' drug addictions.Food First, a new local documentary exploring the changing attitudes about food - and where it comes from - in Indianapolis.This was an expansively detailed effort designed to produce future movement for the city's south side and set an example for other metro neighborhoods moving forward.The array of choices for K-12 education in Indianapolis can be overwhelming for parents who just want a good fit for their children.A discussion about Ear Shot - think of it as a musical competition of “next gen” talent involving fierce competitions, a panel of mentor judges and a live audience.

Our guests are Elaine Eckhart, executive director of Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra and Maestro Matthew Kraemer of the ICO. Dig-IN Taste of Indiana is marking it's 7th year of celebrating Indiana food, beer and wine.

There are two final events revolving around the film this coming weekend, with very different angles on what food in Indy means. It's a wild ride that appears to be getting wilder.

West Fest immerses guests in the West, from music to food to activities. Some participants include Jim Shella of Indiana Week in Review; Niki Kelly of the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette; and Eric Bradner of CNN Politics.

Mental illness and addiction are affecting every level of Hoosier life, often filtering through the criminal justice system.

Guests: Kelly Brown - Collective Impact Coordinator for Reconnecting to Our Waterways (ROW); Molly Trueblood - Community Organizer at Butler University Center for Urban Ecology, also on the Bio Blitz committee Warnings about child sex trafficking are in news coverage during every major national or international event in the metro area, but it is actually happening all the time.

Today on No Limits, John talks with former Wall Street Journal Editor (and Butler alum) about his new book, “ When the New Deal Came to Town: A Snapshot of a place and Time with Lessons for Today,” Melloan’s 1930’s memoir about growing up in Whiteland, IN (Johnson County) during the Depression.