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Dating sites like hi5

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Linked In is a social network designated for “professionals.” This means that part of your Linked In profile that is most important is your career, jobs, education and other skills.In order to upload, comment or like/dislike videos you have to create a You Tube account.However, unregistered users are still allowed to watch videos. Businesses often think of the top four social networks — Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and My Space — as the only game in town.But there are hundreds around the globe with millions of users who can be targeted via these networks by businesses.Here is a list of the most interesting social networks there are and what makes them so remarkable.

As previously mentioned, Facebook is known to almost every internet user.

Today, everyone has heard of the most popular social network– Facebook – but there are many more social networks than solely Mark Zuckerberg’s po­pular website.

Some of these are designed for sharing information, some can help you find a new job, some are used for sharing videos, music or pictures, and some are uniting members of a particular interest.

With the rise of the internet, people began satisfying this natural necessity in online communities such as internet forums.

The evolution of these social forums resulted in today’s global social networking.

All social networks listed below have a million users or more.