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Dating pewter marks

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Crown over VR over 226 indicates Glasgow (another verification mark another year) R T Galbraith pewterer Glasgow. The small symbol is not understood other than known to be used by Pewterer William Hogg of Newcastle (1780-1815).

The maker's name or initials were often incorporated into the design.He died in 1688 – certainly his will was proved then.To me, here we have a piece of Pewter that is an Art Work in itself.A date along with the mark does not name the year the item was made.Rather, it indicates when the pewter maker set up shop.Sometimes a publican might put his name, the pub’s name, or the pub’s name and address to the front centre or underneath the Mug, to clearly establish where it belonged.

Quality X Mark – alleged mark of good quality workmanship – but used by many makers either near the handle or inside centrally on the base – sometimes simply X uncrowned.

This is intended to introduce Pewter Marks to casual or recent collectors. (Postage stamps offer art work and interest and so even more personally do the marks on pewter.) The Pewter Society, and a number of books, will lead you to a better understanding, perhaps.

This is not comprehensive, or definitive and may only lead the reader to ask for better guidance – and some attempt to find that for the reader will be given later. But all I want to do is enthuse you, show you what I enjoy, and lead you to where you might want to find out more for yourself.

He could have been A F of the local authority ‘G’ Borough.

A Mark of NL over a Lamb found on the underneath of a lidded half pint measure base.

A Rebus or Pun was not uncommon in the middle 1500s onwards.