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Chris pine blind dating shower

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Pine delivers his densely written dialogue in an appropriately stylized fashion that incongruently ends up making it feel more natural, though Pine’s performance also contains rich undertones of Christian Slater’s self-satisfied rasp and a distinct aftertaste of Owen Wilson at his most brotastic.Pine’s ebullient turn, some heavy-handed mid-1970s period detail and the contrast between Pine’s hard-rocking wine fancier and a stuffy British sommelier and wine promoter played by Alan Rickman suggests we’re in for a slobs versus snobs comedy pitting uptight Brits and frenchmen against wild and crazy ugly Americans like Pine.

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He’s introduced as a radiant flower child delighting in the California sunshine, but it doesn’t take long for the film to establish that behind his dizzy facade is one shrewd customer, the kind of closet intellectual who quotes Ernest Hemingway, boxes (just like Papa!J Abrams’ re-imagineering of for the big screen, Chris Pine had a task before him that was at once borderline Herculean and strangely attainable.After all, James Kirk is easily one of the most famous, beloved, and endlessly imitated character in existence, a bona fide pop culture icon who has tenaciously endured through the decades and become a cherished piece of Americana.No, in an appropriately star-making turn, Pine oozed a cocky, breezy arrogance that befitted both the alpha-male character of Captain Kirk, adventurer and lady’s man, and an actor facing the challenge of playing an iconic character so closely associated with the actor who made him famous that the two are interchangeable in the public mind.And if Pine was a little cheesy in his machismo and a little winking and ironic in his heroics, well, that was following in the hallowed William Shatner tradition as well.And director James Keach and screenwriter Christopher Theo eventually forget about the romance.

As for Pine ("Just My Luck") and relative newcomer Jay, they're attractive leads, but their best efforts are continually undermined by this material.

Likeable enough until a corny finale, Blind Dating is directed by James Keach.

His wife Jane Seymour plays a therapist who can’t help stripping off during sessions with Danny.

Danny's brother Larry (Eddie Kaye Thomas) is essentially a pimp, and his shrink (Jane Seymour) is a sexually frustrated spinster who strips her clothes off in his presence.

Neither of these things are particularly funny, yet the film keeps coming back to them in an attempt to mine a few cheap laughs.

The proof of that comes with the unexpected release of the 2007 comedy Blind Dating in which he gives an engaging performance as a blind man looking for love.